$COJ #CupOfJoe COJCOIN®, a Registered United States Trademark

White Paper | Tokenomics)

$COJ #CupOfJoe is the very 1st dog memecoin officially approved on the VeChain blockchain token registry.

Representing a paradigm shift in the world of Memecoins, combining cutting-edge technology on the VeChain blockchain. VeChain is a Utility coin and is ranked as one of the most energy efficient blockchains in existence, and was chosen for a good reason.

Supply and Liquidity: $COJ #CupofJoe has a fixed supply. No additional tokens can be minted in the future.

Compatibility: ERC-20 compatibility to comply with the majority of exchanges and decentralized applications.

A commitment to environmental sustainability, and utility that aims to apply Crypto Transactions for coffee. This whitepaper elucidates the intricate Tokenomics, innovative features, and strategic potential partnerships of $COJ #CupOfJoe COJCOIN®.

Showcasing its potential to revolutionize both coffee exchange via using crypto, eco-friendliness coffee habits utilizing ongoing worldwide education, and coffee consumption best practices worldwide.


In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, and growing environmental concerns, $COJ #CupOfJoe emerges as a beacon of innovation, and social responsibility. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence (AI), $COJ #CupOfJoe seeks to create a more connected, eco-friendly world, while redefining the memecoin landscape by having a memecoin with a real world purpose -- Utility work in progress for Coffee Transactions using COJ / VET


$COJ #CupOfJoe boasts a robust Tokenomics model, meticulously designed to ensure sustainability, and equitable distribution:

(Liquidity Pools:

61.5% Pooled against $VET #VeChain, enhancing liquidity and stability while capitalizing on the innovative capabilities, and energy efficiency of the VeChain ecosystem.)

Maximum Supply:

1,000,000,000 Billion Tokens: The maximum amount of coins that will ever exist.

Total Supply: 815,000,000 Million Tokens

Total coins 1,000,000,000 Billion (-) minus 185,000,000 Million coins burned. https://vechainstats.com/account/0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead/

Circulation Supply: 80.4% (804,000,000) of the total supply has been released with a total supply of 1 billion tokens.

Founder: 10.8%

Community Rewards: 3.8% allocated for community rewards, and incentivization programs, fostering active participation, and engagement within the $COJ #CupOfJoe ecosystem.

Development and Ecosystem Growth: 5% reserved for future development initiatives, and ecosystem expansion, fueling continuous innovation, and improvement.


1) Global Accessibility: $COJ #CupOfJoe aims to enable seamless crypto transactions worldwide, empowering individuals to send or receive crypto as a friendly gesture or tip with ease (expectancy not confirmed).

2)Eco-Friendly Impact: By promoting sustainable coffee practices and supporting initiatives to reduce coffee waste, $COJ #CupOfJoe strives to mitigate environmental damage and promote eco-conscious consumption habits for coffee grounds and coffee cups.

3) AI Memecoin: Leveraging artificial intelligence technology, $COJ #CupOfJoe 🐶 mascot C.J. was created using AI to ensure setting new standards for memecoin technology.

Forecasting Strategic Partnerships:

#Oobit: A collaboration with #Oobit would facilitate seamless payments processing for coffee exchange, enhancing user experience, and driving adoption using VeChain, VET, COJ, or other Crypto means for transacting. Note: There is no current discussions with

Mugshot (@mugshot_vet): Potential collaborations with Mugshot incentivize eco-friendly coffee habits, and promote sustainable practices. (Pending: Mugshot Contacted $COJ Directly 2X)


$COJ #CupOfJoe COJCOIN®, a Registered United States Trademark epitomizes the convergence of technology, sustainability, and social impact. With its visionary approach, $COJ believes in the potential to catalyze positive change in both the crypto industry, and global coffee culture, ushering in a brighter, more connected, and eco-friendly future for all. Utility: #CoffeeTransactions

Token Address: 0x2c28d59e1424f878cb655d74c297fcb685c22be6


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