$COJ Cup of Joe

*The Token is Live as of April 1st, 2024!

COJCOIN® The 1st Official Dog Memecoin on the VeChain blockchain and created by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Coffee Connoisseur Contributing to an Eco-Friendly Coffee Environment Worldwide 🌎

Send & Receive a Cup of Joe (a.k.a. coffee☕️) Worldwide 🌎(future option)

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🐶 $COJ | #CupofJoe: Coffee connoisseur inspired to for an eco-friendly coffee community Worldwide 🌏 ☕ ERC-20 Deployed on #VORJ #VeChain

Mission: *Send/Receive a #CupOfJoe ☕️ using the Crypto $COJ to anyone around globe as a tip, gesture, or donation 💚

*Become a part of something special & help us decrease coffee grounds & coffee cups in landfills. Use coffee ground in a creative ways.

Cup of Joe #COJO

Create a Wallet on VeWorld!

We recommend using VeWorld for your Wallet. You can add this Dapp on your iPhone or Android device. When using a computer, use the Chrome browser and add the VeWorld Chrome extension.

Get Some VET #VeChain

In order to buy $COJ #CupOfJoe Coin, you must buy $VET 1st on an Exchange. You can use Coinbase.com, Crpyto.com or the Exchange of choice that offers $VET / VeChain.

Next, you will send $VET from your $VET Exchange Address to your VeWorld Wallet Address or Sync Address.

Be sure $COJ #CupOfJoe is added to your VeWorld Wallet. 1) Mobile: Scroll down to Manage Tokens 2) Click Pencil On Right 3) Search and Click "COJ" 4) Arrow back from top and COJ is added.

Connect Your Wallet and SWAP $VET for $COJ #CupOfJoe







Phase 1: Launch Phase:

VeChain Stats, Coin Paprika for Charts, Add to 4 Dex's. Community building, blog & content creation. Press releases for awareness. X Trending with multiple profiles.

500+ Holders.

Phase 2: Discord, Telegram, Vibe & Hodl. 1,000+ Holders. Getting on the radar of key partners.

Phase 3: CEX Listings

Coffee Partners / Collaborations Strategic movement on coffee transfers worldwide.

2,500+ Holders

Phase 4: Tier 1 Exchange Listings

10,000+ Holders

Meme Takeover


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Cup of Joe ($COJ | COJCOIN®)